Lake Restoration Projects

In 1996 Land-Tech Consultants Inc. was commissioned by MLIF to develop a watershed management plan for Lake Mamanasco. The objectives of this project were to assess current watershed conditions, identify non-point source pollutants, (i.e., polutants whose source is not readily discernable), and design and develop a stormwater and sediment management plan for the drainage area on the western side of the lake.

In Phase I of the study, the watershed was divided into grids and prioritized based on existing or potential sources of non-point source pollutants. For the seven highest priority grids, accepted best-management practices (BMPs) were evaluated and then chosen based on their effectiveness, initial cost, cost to maintain, and freedom of access. Phase II of the study consists primarily of engineering design and implementation. The latest, and probably last, project of Phase II is the stabilization of a stream that runs along unbuilt Third Land on the Mamanasco Road side of the lake. The stream bed is eroding badly as high flow water races down the steeply pitched hillside into the lake. As the water moves along, it picks up silt and dirt and deposits it into the lake, creating an ever-growing delta that is filling in the already shallow lake. MLIF has contracted with a local engineer to draw up plans to permanently stabilize this stream bed and eliminate the run off of material into the lake. With funds from the town and MLIF, we hope to get this last project done in the Fall of 2012.


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