As a recreational resource and as an asset that adds value to community real estate, Lake Mamanasco’s worth is considerable. As an irreplaceable natural resource, it is priceless.

Lake Mamanasco has been abused for decades. There has been considerable damage done but much of this is reversible. We can certainly, with assistance and contributions from the watershed property owners, at least slow down the aging process.

There are many things that can be done, but they all cost money. The big projects, like storm water drainage, will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For these capital expense items, we are depending on grants from state, federal and local governments. These expenses fluctuate depending on ever-changing lake conditions. However, we must count on donations from watershed residents to meet our annual operating budget, which includes things like weed control, water quality, beautification, goose control, fund raising and administrative expenses. One application of a herbicide, for example, costs about $7,000; a treatment for algea costs $3,300 and can be done only twice a year.  Your contribution goes to the costs of maintaining the lake and not to special projects which are financed by grants.

To meet these expenses we have an annual fund drive. We ask that lakefront property owners with an unobstructed clear view of the lake donate $3.00 per lakefront footage, homeowners with a view of the lake $135, and the other watershed residents $50. We have been only marginally successful since we have been doing this, with less than 25% of the residents contributing. But at least your donations have kept us afloat and moving in the right direction. We hope that you will keep it up, and if you haven’t been donating, we wish you would consider it in the future. Protect the value of your real estate. A weed- filled lake could depreciate the value of your real estate by as much a 40% depending on the proximity to the lake.

Lake Mamanasco is too valuable and beautiful a resource to ignore.

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Mamanasco Lake Improvement Fund
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