– The Ridgefield Thrift Shop grant application was submitted by the end of January. The grant application was for herbicide treatments and funds to begin the project for Phosphorus mitigation at incoming streams using the EutroSorb product. We were informed that we will be receiving a grant.

– Anne S. Richardson Grant – This grant application was submitted on 2/28 for Phragmites removal including spraying of the herbicide ClearCast (lmazemox) by Pond and Lake Connection (PLC), then removal and disposal of the dead foliage. Notification of application approval is mid-late July.

CT DEEP Control of Aquatic Invasive Species Grant – This grant application was submitted on 2/12/21. Working with Pond and Lake, we are applying for funding to treat the lake with a systemic herbicidal product Galleon that gets into the roots of Curly-Leaf Pondweed (CLP) to be applied in March 2022. This product is more expensive and much more effective than the contact herbicide Diquat we now use. Pond and Lake would do mapping of the CLP before and after Galleon use. The product would be used in mid-March 2022 – a month earlier than our normal mid-April application of Diquat. Total project cost is $43,800 with the grant funding $32,100 and MLIF contributing $11,700. The grant requires the grantee to fund at least 25% of the total amount requested. We should hear the result of our application in early April.



Septic Card Mailing
An update of the previous septic card was done. The Board agreed to order 1,200 cards, enough for two mailings. We will send them to watershed residents every other year.

“Seasonal Guide to Living Near a Lake” Brochure
This brochure goes out each year with a fundraising letter.

“Welcome to Mamanasco Lake” Brochure
This is a brochure to highlight the recreational aspects of the lake. The consensus was to print 200 copies to put with the mailing to new residents.


2021 Treatment Schedule
We will have the same number of treatments this year as last year but started a little earlier in order to stay on top of the algae.

CT Lakes Association (CLA) – Zebra Mussels Update
Information provided by the CLA about the invasive zebra mussels was discussed – the size, reproduction and dangers of zebra mussels. The mussels are small but multiply quickly. The youngest mussels are no bigger than a pinhead. We have not yet seen them on our lake but they are a nuisance at other larger lakes in the area. Larger lakes have had deep drawdowns and hired divers to remove as many as possible. Discussion included suggestion for a sign at the boat launch regarding cleaning boats and trailers. We will work together to determine if we can put info about the mussels and boat/trailer cleaning at the State boat launch. It was noted that zebra mussels need calcium to grow. The Board suggested that we test our water for calcium so we know how much of a problem we could have. We’ll check with Pond and Lake for cost of a calcium level test.


Earth Day Poster Contest
The details and purpose of the contest was summarized. Entries were due March 1 and we have 25 entries to be judged by the judging team. An article will be written for the Ridgefield Press about the contest and the winners.


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