Our 2020 total for individual watershed donations was $900 less than in 2019. Considering the uncertainties during the COVID-19 year, this is a wonderful achievement.

– The Town Community Grant request was submitted on 12/22/2020.

– The Ridgefield Thrift Shop grant application is due at the end of January. This grant application is due by 3/1.

– CT DEEP Nonpoint Source Grant – Kitsey Snow of the Norwalk River Watershed Assn. reached out to suggest that MLIF be a participant in their application for funds for education. The grant application is due January 14. The Board was positive but had many questions. We will follow up with Kitsey about getting involved in this grant.

CT DEEP Control of Aquatic Invasive Species Grant – We reached out to Pond and Lake (PLC) and were told they were already considering Mamanasco Lake for this grant. MLIF qualifies for this grant. The grant application must be submitted by 2/12/21 or 2022. PLC suggests submitting the application for 2022. PLC would apply for funding to treat the lake with a systemic herbicidal product that gets into the roots of the Curly-leaf Pondweed. This product is much more expensive that the contact herbicide Diquat we now use. PLC would do mapping of Curly-leaf Pondweed before and after use. The product would be used in mid-March – a month earlier than our normal mid-April application of Diquat. MLIF would fund 25% of the amount requested in the grant.

Lake Management
It was noted that last year’s program had good results and similar treatments were approved for this year.



Earth Day Poster Contest
The Board reviewed the flyer for the MLIF Earth Day poster contest. It is being sent out and is posted on our website. A team of judges will be put together.

Trees in the Lake
Many full trees and large branches in the lake were felled by the May 2018 microburst. Our Thrift Shop 2020 grant included $1,000 for tree removal and the Board has committed to supplementing that amount. The Mamanasco Beach Club was contacted about several sites where their fallen trees are located. They appreciated our offer to split the cost but cannot afford that expense right now. When PullaTree was again contacted about removing the tree at the Marcus property alone (previous estimate included a number of trees) the cost was now $4,500. The Board would like to proceed pending negotiations with the Marcus family and PullaTree.



Future Meetings
The Board consensus is to postpone the March Annual Meeting because of the COVID-19 virus and possibly hold it outside in the summer. The date of the second Thursday of June was suggested.


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