It was noted, that year-to-date, we are a few hundred dollars above last year at this time.

Lake Management

– The summer season is over. The perimeter of the lake had lots of algae. We sequenced the treatments a bit differently this year, and it seemed to work better.

– Typically, Pond and Lake Connection (P&L) comes to a meeting at the end of the season for a recap, a forecast and plan for next year. We will decide how to schedule this given our remote meetings.


Septic Systems Postcard
In anticipation of sending out Septic Systems informational postcards to watershed residents, we will be rewording our previous Septic Systems postcard from a few years ago for clarity and conciseness. The Board selected one design from a sampling of choices.

Trees in the Lake
As noted numerous times, many large branches and full trees that are in the lake were felled by the May 2018 microburst. Our Thrift Shop grant included $1,000 for tree removal. We had a consensus at several previous meetings to decide in the fall how to use this money, which trees/branches to remove and whether to add money to increase the amount available for this project. A photo survey around the lake was done. Bartlett did not return a call. Sav-A-Tree responded and said they would need to use a crane to remove the larger trees.

List of Trees:
23 Pond Road
100 Mamanasco Road
141 Mamanasco Road, owned by Beach Club, across from Juliano property
End of Sixth Lane
22 Craigmoor Road North
2 Craigmoor Road North
Richardson Park – broken tree at north end and 3 larger trees/branches from the edge.

By the next meeting we will have pricing, and the Board will decide how much from accumulated assets to combine with the Thrift Shop funds.


Lake Video
A new lake video, similar to the one Tony Yonda made many years ago, is in the works as a PR tool for our lake. The clips completed so far were shown at the meeting and the Board members were requested to submit more footage using the landscape mode when filming.

Lake Protection Zone Flyer

The next Fundraising mailing is planned to go out the third week of November. The mailing will include the fundraising letter and our newsletter.

It was suggested that the following flyer also be included with that mailing. It was explained that MLIF is included in the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development as a Lake Protection Zone with specific regulations beyond the normal wetlands regulations. This flyer is included with these minutes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PLEASE PROTECT OUR LAKE * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Did you know?

In 2007, the Ridgefield Inland Wetlands Board passed legislation declaring the 640-acre Mamanasco watershed a Lake Protection Zone.

Any regulated activity, including clear cutting, the disturbance thereof, filling or removal of soil within a specified distance from the lake (the Upland Review Area) requires a permit.

In the Mamanasco watershed, the Upland Review Area is 100-feet from the ordinary high water mark, creating a 100-foot buffer around the lake.

Clear cutting is defined as the removal of 50% or more of all trees having a diameter of two or more inches, measured at a height of four feet from the ground surface. In our Lake Protection Zone it is recommended that clear cutting be limited to a maximum of 25% of the lot area.

On developed parcels, a 35-foot wide vegetative buffer is recommended. When site restrictions preclude this, a 15-foot wide minimum upland vegetative buffer consisting of 50% coarse grasses, wildflowers or other acceptable herbaceous growth and 50% shrubs and trees is recommended.

Anyone proposing to carry out the above activities shall notify the Inland Wetlands Agency and provide sufficient information to enable it to advise the property owner if a permit is required and how to apply.

The guidelines also recommend normal property maintenance such as:

– septic system maintenance (for full sized system every 3-5 years)
– disposal of leaves, tree branches or plant material must be more than 100’ from the lake and not near a contributing stream
– what to do with lawn clippings (leave them as you cut them or remove to a location more than 100’ from the lake.)

The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations may be found on the Town of Ridgefield website.

Thanks for helping to maintain a healthy and useful lake now and for the future.


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