An update of contributions was recorded. The Town Community Grant of $6,000 was received in July.

Lake Management

– The final lake treatment was applied on September 3. Pond and Lake Connection (P&L) said that the current balance of aquatic weeds and algae (generally filamentous algae) is good. We have a type of gray algae that blocks part of the sun reaching into the lake thereby reducing the weeds.
– Lake Bottom – Dean William’s son has begun a project to remove trash from the lake bottom near the cliffs. Thus far, he has removed numerous bottles and cans, and larger items including a bike. He also found, would you believe, a small television! It was suggested that an article be written for the newspaper and online media to highlight his work, as well as adding publicity for the lake.


Trees in Lake
As noted numerous times, many full trees and large branches that are in the lake were felled by the May 2018 microburst. Our Thrift Shop grant included $1,000 for tree removal. We have had a consensus at several previous meetings to decide in the fall how to use this money, which tree/branches to remove and whether to add money to increase the amount available for this project. The purpose of tree removal was discussed with reasons being: safety, beauty, removal of unwanted nutrients as trees decay, and ability to remove the biomass continually attaching to and below the dead trees. It was suggested that we ask P&L what their advice is regarding dead trees in the lake. We previously had a committee to create a priority list of which trees/branches to remove. A decision should be made by the next meeting so that action can be taken before the weather makes the project too difficult.

Boat Launch
It was suggested that we place a sign at the State boat launch that informs users that MLIF takes care of the lake. The Board reached a consensus to spend up to $200 to place a metal sign on a pole in the area of the State boat launch.

Septic Reminder Cards
We discussed sending the same septic system postcards we created a few years ago. It was suggested that we could print 1,200 (2 years distribution) for about $750. Board members thought that we could have these printed for much less. Liz Ryan volunteered to help reword the postcard for clarity and conciseness. She volunteered to get the cost for 1,100 copies. We will try to approve this expenditure at the next meeting.


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