The Spring fundraising letter/newsletter will go out in early June. A potential timeline for this year’s mailings was discussed.

Grants – A Thrift Shop grant of $5,000 was received. We had requested $4000 for lake treatments and $4000 for removal of trees in the lake. This gives us $1000 for tree removal. The Board will determine at a later meeting if we have the financial means to add funding to the $1000 and also which tree(s) to remove.

We had discussed sending the septic maintenance postcards to the watershed residents. Possible funding sources will be researched.

Lake Management

Pond and Lake Connection (PLC) did the first 2020 treatment on April 23. They were surprised at the amount of algae and curlyleaf pondweed in the lake. The lake condition was worse than expected for early spring. It was speculated that the mild winter with very little lake freezing may have contributed to the growth of algae and curlyleaf.

The next treatment will be May 12.

Air Max Follow-up – PLC let us know that the aeration company would lend us a demonstration piece of the equipment to test, observe the appearance, and check noise level. Nick will let us know the area lakes using this equipment.


Egg Addling – Four goose nests were addled, three of them twice. One nest was 20-25’ above the lake on an 18” ledge and addling this one was tough. One nest by the church grounds was missed and that has produced five goslings.

Annual Meeting – After discussion, the Board voted to cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting because of COVID-19 social distancing requirements. The Nominating Committee had presented a slate of officers and directors for the Annual Meeting that mirrored the current board. The Board voted 9-0 to extend the terms of the present Officers and Directors for the 2020-2021 year.


Lake Video – Inspired by Tony Yonda’s lake video of a number of years ago, Dean has decided to produce a new video ready for July, Lake Appreciation Month. He is putting some of his own video together and asked Board members to send him any video we have. He asked that we use landscape mode for the video.


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