Grants – The Thrift Shop grant application was submitted at the end of January with a request for tree removal and lake treatments. After discussion, the Board decided not to request a Richardson Grant this year.

Funding from local businesses – A draft introduction letter and pamphlet was created for this purpose.

Lake Management

Air Max Follow-up – Our contact will let us know of sites in the area where they have installed their product.

BioChar proposal by Larry Sprague. BioChar absorbs nutrients. This is an expensive approach and needs to be maintained. Cost seems to be $100 each for 2/3 units per stream times 5 inlets for approx. $1500. He got our name through CT DEEP.


Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting will be Thursday, March 12 in the CVS Community Room. Our lake management company, Pond and Lake Connection, will present their plan for 2020. Postcards will be sent to the watershed residents in compliance with the MLIF By-laws

Nominating Committee
The committee is proposing a slate that mirrors 2019.

Town Septic Ordinance
This is the year for the ten-year review and updating of the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development. It was suggested that MLIF look into other town’s septic ordinances. Brookfield has a septic ordinance but that is really about regulation for septic pumpers. The question is about what is fair for homeowners, the town and the lake. What do we do if there are any septics that are failing in the watershed? Right now it is up to each of us to keep our eyes (seeing black ooze) and noses (unpleasant smell) open and report a problem if needed. The Board discussed printing and distributing the postcards on septic maintenance practices.

Pesticide Regulations
It was noted that there is a new State law that allows towns to have stricter pesticide regulations.


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