The next fundraising letter will go out the first week of August.

We hope to hear about a Richardson grant by the end of June.

The next newsletter is in progress for early August. It was mentioned that in the past the MLIF Board sent out four newsletters a year. Over time, a number of factors, including cost, reduced the number to two. At that time, we were also sending other educational materials to the watershed, so that in most years property owners were receiving four educational or informational items in addition to our fundraising letters.

Lake Management
The lake treatment on Tuesday went well.  Pond & Lake Connection (POCO) said that our lake has a bloom of brown algae (also known as Diatom).  It is what is causing us not to have the floating algae mats.  They are eating up the nutrients and and block the sun from letting them prosper in the lake.  This is a good thing (they are not toxic), but it won’t last forever.  They will be keeping an eye on it because they will dissipate and then the algae mats will come back very fast.  They plan to be back in about two weeks to do the next treatment.  On Tuesday, they also treated for coontail – which has been popping up along the shore and in certain spots in the center. The next treatment will be July 23 or 24.

Board members requested that Pond and Lake, in addition to where they usually post treatment notices, also post notices at Richardson Park (jumpers/swimmers same day as treatments) and at the Christ the King Church/School on Tackora Trail.

A proposal has been requested from POCO and the Phoslock company (Jon Gosselin) for full lake treatments.


We have invited a company (Jeff Randall) that sells special treatment products (Blue Green Water Tech) to come speak at our September 5th meeting.  They make products to treat algae in lakes – POCO would apply the products.


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