Jon Gosselin from SePRO was our guest speaker. SePRO manufactures a product called Phoslock. He gave a presentation on Phoslock and how it could reduce algae in Mamanasco Lake. Phosphorus in the lake (caused by internal loading in the muck and external loading from run-off) causes algae blooms. Phoslock captures Phosphorus in the sediment and strips it from the water column by binding with the Phosphorus. The bond is strong and won’t break easily, unlike Alum which works similarly but does not have a strong bond. SePRO recommends a Phoslock treatment for the whole lake at a lower concentration to strip the water column and at a higher concentration in the deep areas to cap the Phosphorus in the sediment. Ideal treatment time is early spring or late fall. They will work with our lake treatment company to come up with a proposal. SePRO would consider using our lake as a test lake in the Northeast and would, therefore, reduce costs and do testing to monitor Phosphorus levels.


The second mailing for contributions to those who have yet to contribute in 2019 will go out in early August, together with a newsletter. The third mailing will go out in November. It was suggested that we solicit businesses in town with a special appeal letter. We will get a list of town businesses from the Chamber of Commerce.

We hope to hear about a Richardson grant by the end of June.

Lake Management
It was reported that we have had two lake treatments to date. The next one will be June 13, mostly for algae.

DEEP did a fish survey on May 8 in the dark of night. They zapped the water with electricity so the fish were shocked and floated to the top, where they were then counted. There were numerous reports of 15-20 dead fish in multiple areas for two weeks following the survey. DEEP blamed the dead fish on spawning.

Work has begun on revisions to the MLIF bylaws. One question is, do we need an attorney to review any proposed changes?


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