President’s Introduction and Overview

Dean Williams presented an overview of MLIF and its activities in 2019.  MLIF has managed and maintained Mamanasco Lake for 48 years.  MLIF works to preserve the lake, educate the watershed community and undergo new projects or techniques to reach these goals.  Mamanasco Lake is a shallow lake with an average depth of 7 feet.  Run-off from the watershed brings silt and nutrients into the lake that disrupt its balanced ecosystem.  The May 15, 2018 microburst downed many trees and large branches into the lake.  The 28 inches of rain between May and September of 2018 also brought unwelcome nutrients into the lake.  These nutrients feed excessive aquatic weeds and algae.

MLIF has hired Pond and Lake Connection (POCO) to manage the lake for 2019.  The focus this year will be to balance the lake and reduce excessive aquatic weeds and algae.

Pond and Lake Connection Report

Nick McMahon handled Pond and Lake Connection’s lake treatments last year and will continue in this capacity.  He assists POCO’s aquatic biologist.  Nick is into this fourth year with POCO and previously worked with the CT DEEP Fisheries Division and also in Massachusetts.   POCO has been MLIF’s lake management company for the past three years.

Our treatment permits were submitted in early January and have already been approved as this is the second year of a three-year renewal process.

Nick noted that there have been no cyano-bacterial blooms in the past three years.  The lake is shallow, eutrophic and prone to nuisance vegetation.  The lake has high levels of phosphorus which is the main cause of algae blooms.  Phosphorous comes from internal loading (in the sediment.)  Our main invasive weed is curly-leaf pondweed.  At this date, it is already growing and needs to be treated early in its reproductive cycle.  This will be the third year of an early April use of herbicide to control invasive aquatic weeds.  The highest density of curly-leaf pondweed is in the middle of the southern cove near the boat launch.

POCO’s main goal has been to reduce/prevent the chance of algal blooms.  Mamanasco Lake has two types of algae:  algae resistant to algaecide and algae non-resistant to algaecide.  Our lake is treated for both types. At the end of the 2018 season we had more of the non-resistant type.  Filamentous algae blooms are also a large problem.  We had an increase of native beneficial aquatic plants.  When asked about the toxicity of the herbicide, Nick explained that it breaks down quickly in a 2-3 hour period.  In 2018, our lake was treated twice for curly leaf pondweed and six times for algae.

We requested more information on POCO’s suggestion to insert aquatic plants in one very shallow part of the lake.  This project was included in a grant application.

A question was asked about possible leach field leakage into the lake.  Nick replied that leakage would add phosphorus, a nutrient for excessive aquatic plant growth.  In certain cases, leakage could also include e-coli bacteria, a health issue.

MLIF Annual Meeting Business

MLIF continued with the business portion of the meeting.

Financial Report – The 2019 Budget was presented by the Treasurer.  The major expense is Lake Management at $28,000.  It was moved and seconded to approve the 2019 Budget as presented.  The motion passed.

Election of 2019 Officers and Directors – 
The slate of Officers and Directors was presented.  The recommendation of the Nominating Committee was as follows:

President  –           Dean Williams
Vice President  –  Barb Hartman
Secretary  –           Kitty Fischer
Treasurer  –          Rosemary Hawkins Sposito


Barbara Cmiel
Margie Collora
Mimi Dalbey
Nancy Jacobowitz
Matt Kim
Al Sanchirico


Mike Austin
Bernie Cassidy
Jeff McAllister
Mark Zeck


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