Committee Reports

The donation recognition stickers “I (heart) Lake Mamanasco” have arrived and started being included in all thank-you tax letters. All future donors will continue to receive the stickers.


Thrift Shop
The grant proposal is in the process of being written and will be submitted by 2/15.

The grant must be submitted by the end of February. It was noted that Pond and Lake Connection (POCO) suggested re-introducing non-invasive native plants in a shallow area(s) of the lake to reduce excess nutrients in the water. The Board decided to apply for a grant covering two projects – the suggested native plant project and the lakeside biomass clean-up project.

It was noted that our website needs upgrading and a redesign. The motion to upgrade/redesign the website was approved.

Lake Management
As yet, MLIF has not signed the POCO 2019 contract. The options of a set payment/treatment schedule contract versus a time and material contract were discussed. An advisory motion was approved that the Board would like agreement for a signed contract with POCO within 10 days of this meeting. If a further vote is needed, the Board asks the Executive Committee to meet and vote. The motion passed unanimously.

Special Projects

By-Laws/Operating Principles
A proposed updating/revision of the MLIF By-Laws has been prepared. It will be distributed and discussed in detail at our May meeting.

New Business

As this was Mike Austin’s last meeting as a Board member, it was noted that the Board thanked Mike for his stellar service to the lake, to the MLIF Board and to the watershed community. Mike does not live on the lake nor can he see the lake from his house so his contributions have truly been a gift above and beyond. Thanks Mike!


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