Pond and Lake Connection Report:

The overall goal in 2018 was to keep weeds and algae in check without causing a blue-green algae bloom. PLC started with an early treatment for Curley Leaf Pond weed in order to kill the weed before it reached the seed stage. This allowed for native plants like Coontail to grow and use up nutrients in the lake. The first algae treatment was in the early spring, targeting green algae. This treatment did not target the brown algae which later became a problem. Algae needs sunlight, nutrients and oxygen to grow. PLC also applied Phoslock in a one-acre test plot near the high school end of the lake. Phoslock strips phosphorus from the water column and locks any phosphorus on the bottom of the lake. They felt the treatment was effective; some Board members did not. Everyone agreed the nutrients in the muck at the bottom of the lake are the driving force for the problem weeds and algae.

For 2019, PLC submitted the special permit for the Endangered Species on 1/2/2019 to the DEEP. (MLIF has a 3-year permit for 2018, 19 and 20, but needs yearly permission for Endangered Species.) The main goal remains the same. PLC plans to delay the first algae treatment in order to try to get the brown algae more under control. They hope to decrease herbicide treatments as the Curley Leaf Pond weed gets under control. This would free up money for more algae treatments. PLC stated that time and materials proposals would be more costly and could delay treatments waiting for approval.

Questions and suggestions were:

– PLC recommends treating two areas with Phoslock: 12 acres by the boat ramp and 20 acres in the middle of the lake.

– There may be state grants available for Phoslock treatments.

– PLC recommends planting native plants like water lilies, iris, etc to use up nutrients in the lake.

– Is it possible to treat small areas to eradicate all weeds? Yes, but not many.

– Is it possible to harvest algae mechanically? Yes, but expensive.

– Would increasing oxygen via aeration help the lake? Yes, marginally, and it would cost $100,000 to do the whole lake.

-Dredging the entire lake would be very effective but would cost $1,000,000.

-Closing the state boat launch might protect the lake from invasive zebra mussels and hydrilla (a plant which grows 1-inch/day).
PLC recommended a movie entitled The Toxic Puzzle (about blue/green algae). It is on Netflix or Amazon.

Committee Reports:

As of 12/31/18, we had a shortfall to budget of $1,558. Donation recognition stickers for cars are being mailed with tax/thank you letters. The Fall 2018 Newsletter was mailed with the last fundraising letter.

Lake Management:
The 2019 contract will be discussed and approved at the next meeting.

New Business:

2019 Board Meeting Dates:
The new schedule was approved with a new start time of 7:30 p.m.

Grant Application:
The Board will be applying for Thrift Shop and Richardson grants.


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