Committee Reports

* The third fundraising mailing will be sent November 15, including to addresses outside the watershed. A newsletter will be included in this mailing.

* The new I Love Mamanasco Lake stickers are in and will be included with all donor thank you/tax letters.

Special Projects

Operating Principles: The following motions were approved.

* Meeting Schedule – MLIF will maintain our published meeting schedule.

* Proxy Votes – MLIF will not allow proxy votes but will allow conference calls.

* Timing of Meetings – MLIF will start future Board Meetings at 7:30 p.m.

* By-Law Revision – MLIF will review the by-laws to make sure we follow procedures to maintain our 501(c)3 status, and investigate in what instances we can add an addendum to them.

* Meeting Agenda – The meeting agenda for a scheduled meeting will be emailed prior to said meeting.

* New Concepts/Projects – Barring a vote needed in an emergency situation, future votes on new concepts/projects will not take place during the meeting at which they are presented. Rather they will be considered/researched by the Board members and voted on at the following Board Meeting.

Lake Management:

* 2018 Treatment Report – The Board will vote on the 2019 Pond and Lake Connection (POCO) contract after hearing POCO’s end-of-the-year lake status presentation.

New Business:

* Richardson 2019 and Grant Reports – The Board will discuss projects for the 2019 Richardson Grant proposal at the January Board Meeting, as well as input on the ending reports for the Thrift Shop and Rotary grants.


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