Committee Reports:

* Contributions for August and September were higher than the same period in 2017. There will be one more fundraising mailing to go out in November, together with a newsletter. It will go to the extended list.

* The Craigmoor BBQ was a great PR for MLIF. There was a net profit of $100. If we do it again, it was suggested asking people to bring side dishes to keep costs down.

* We did not receive a Richardson Grant this year.

* A new PayPal system has been set up. Contributions made through the PayPal “Giving Fund” will not be subjected to their fees. Paypal also made a $250 donation to MLIF.

Website & Social Media:
There has been a fair amount of activity on the MLIF Facebook page. We have been putting trivia questions on the site, i.e. How many gallons of water in Mamanasco Lake? 375 million gallons!

Special Projects:

* CRM System (Customer Relations Management) – We are gathering bids from several companies for our review.

* Fall Newsletter – There will be a President’s Message, a report on the lake status, pictures of lake wildlife (eagles, turtles, etc) and trivia questions.

* Donation Recognition Sticker – Several mock-ups of the Donation Recognition sticker were passed around for review. After discussion and voting, the chosen sticker will be “I (heart) Mamanasco Lake.”

Lake Management:
* Since early July, there were treatments made by Pond & Lake Connection (POCO) on 7/10, 7/31, 8/16 and 9/6.
* There was a discussion about items we need to review with POCO. POCO will be invited to the November meeting to present their 2018 report and hear from the Board about our 2019 goals.
* A watershed resident suggested we look into a new product called Lake Guard, which may be able to boost algae treatments. It was suggested we ask POCO to research it.


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