President’s Report::

MLIF’s new President, Dean Williams, presented his 2018 focus area for MLIF:

* Strong communications with Pond and Lake Connection (POCO). He is recording data on temperature and weather conditions before algae blooms.
* Fundraising
* New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. MLIF has been using the same system for 25 years. It is time for an updated, less time-consuming process.
* MLIF should be more active on social media and a stronger effort will be made in this area.

Committee Reports:

– A Fundraising Committee was formed.
– A Richardson Grant application was submitted at the end of February for two projects – dead/dying tree/brush removal from the lake, and for a matching grant program for lakeside property owners to remove algae mats and accumulated near-shore biomass from the lake. This project addresses an MLIF goal of engaging property owners in efforts to keep the lake usable. We will hear of the success of this application in July.
– An application was submitted for the Ridgefield Thrift Shop Grant in February and we were awarded $2,000. The grant was written to fund lake treatments.
– In April, a grant application was submitted for $2,500 to the Ridgefield Rotary Club. This grant was written specifically for Phoslock treatment.
– It was reported that the spring fundraising mailing is targeted for June 1.
– In February, a fundraising idea was presented to sell a puzzle (500-1000 pc.) made from a photo of the lake. If MLIF sold 100, we could raise in the range of $1,000. This idea will be pursued.

Lake Management: It was reported that the lake received an herbicide treatment on April 24. Additionally, Phoslock, a new product that binds phosphorus, was spread on one acre at the high school end of the lake. POCO reported less curly-leaf pondweed than last year. They think the algae on the lake in April is a cold water algae that should decompose once the water warms. The first algae treatment is scheduled for Thursday May 10.

Website and Social Media: It was noted that the goal of all social media work is exposure to information about the lake and MLIF. A content calendar will be built on Facebook. The link to Pay Pal will be updated.

Dam and Spillway:
* Dam Inspection – All foliage has been cleared from the dam as required, and is now waiting for the engineering company to return and approve the condition of the dam.
* Moving the tarp up as needed for lake treatments seems to be working well.

Special Projects:
* Goose Egg Addling – Eggs were addled in nests that could be found, but there were two nests that escaped detection resulting in two families with many goslings. It would be helpful if next year Board members or others can spot nests as the season approaches and pass the info on to the addlers.
* Tree Removal Needs – Potential trees targeted for removal with our Richardson grant funds include those in the water at Richardson Park, a large tree on the Beach Club/Peatt land and a large tree from private property at Nancy Jacobowitz’s home. Note: After the “macroburst” storm of May 8, we have many more large trees in the lake.
* Algae Removal – Homeowner Co-op Program. As part of the Richardson Grant application outlined above we will use grant money to engage with lakeside property owners who hire people to remove algae and accumulated biomass near their property. A way will be proposed to further define and publicize this project.

New Business:


* Customer Relations Management (CRM) – Further work will be done toward the goal of updating our system.

* Supplier Annual Review Form – It was suggested that we create a review form and collect information on suppliers (MLIF currently has only one) over 2-3 years to learn how any company/supplier we use is doing so that we can track performance.


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