President’s Report::
* MLIF’s request to the Town for our annual Community Grant was submitted in late November.
* The Town Conservation Commission sent a request to support their position that the Town Charter Revision Commission proposes having a separate Inland Wetlands Board. Currently the Planning and Zoning Commission handles both the P&Z and I/W jobs. It was decided that MLIF would not write a Board letter, but those who want to support this position should do so individually.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: The last fundraising letters of the year were delivered to the Danbury Post Office on November 12 but no one received the mailing. Despite an investigation, the mailing was never found. The mailing, because of cost, was resent but only to lakeside property owners and previous donors who had not yet donated in 2017, totaling about 200 pieces. Our 2017 fundraising total fell short of the previous year’s which could have been attributed to the lost mailing.

Alternative means of fundraising were discussed. It was decided that our incoming President would form a Fundraising Committee to work on additional means of fundraising.

Richardson Grant: The Board discussed applying for a new Richardson Grant. It was decided to submit an application to the Richardson Fund for $7,500 to remove biomass, floating algae and dead trees in the lake. The committee established last year would determine which dead trees to remove. Committee members whose property is under discussion would recuse themselves.

Spillway/Drawdown: The insurance issues regarding the siphon pipes have not been able to be resolved. In order to treat the lake, we are required to hold the water back for 5 days. Lifting and supporting the tarp was tried. The tarp held back the water to the height of 11-12” for 10 days which is more than sufficient for the requirements of a lake treatment. But, we will not be able to continue doing the annual two-foot drawdown for lakeside repair.

Lake Management:
Last year we obtained a two-year permit from the State for water treatments. Now the State is giving every lake who is approved a two-year permit. Pond and Lake Connection (PLC), our lake management company, thinks our application should be approved early. We already have approval from the CT Inland Wetlands and Endangered Species groups.

The Board approved the 2018 PLC contract and the signed contract was sent November 2017.

Goose Egg Addling: We will be conducting the goose egg addling project in the spring.

New Business:


* Annual Meeting – The “State of the Lake” Annual Meeting will be held on March 8, 7:30 at the CVS Community Room. Our speakers will be Fawn Kearns and Jeff Stahl from PLC. Notification to watershed residents will be delivered by 2/26.

* Board Meeting Schedule – The Board agreed to change the Board Meeting schedule to nine meetings a year. There will be no meetings in April, August and December.

* Aerators at Lake Waramaug – A resident noted that Lake Waramaug used aerators. This method is working for them. The MLIF Board is always willing to learn more about ways to improve our lake but are cognizant of the huge differences in lake ecology between Waramaug and our lake. Lake Waramaug is avg. 22 feet deep, max. 40 feet deep, 660 acres, 74% of watershed is forested and their budget each year is $200,000.

* Ice Fishing – It was requested that if we see ice fishermen on the lake and we talk to them, remind them to pick up their burned wood and other detritus so that it doesn’t end up on the lake bottom after the ice melts.


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