President’s Report:: The Board was reminded that the CT Lakes Conference will be held this year on October 14, 8:00 to noon in Goshen if anyone is interested in attending.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: The next fundraising mailing will be sent at the beginning of November.

Lake Management:
Last month the Board discussed asking Pond & Lake Connection (PLC) to treat the lake so that several areas have fewer weeds. To follow up, the Board was reminded to mark a map of the lake with designated areas. It was suggested that a sub-committee work on suggesting a few areas. For example, the Board, based on sub-committee recommendations, would ask PLC to treat a 20-30 foot corridor near homes in certain areas of the lake.

Previously it was noted that Zooplankton is being used at Lake Waramaug. We inquired about it to PLC and they said they have never used it and noted that biologic controls act very slowly. Also, algaecides decrease zooplankton numbers. PLC will do further research on zooplankton.

It was noted that several compliments were received on the state of the lake this year.

Algae – It was noted that an independent contractor was going to send a flyer to 66 homeowners around the lake offering a service to remove algae and gunk from the shoreline. Filamentous algae is hard to get rid of and is a problem on our lake.

Spillway/Dam: The Board is awaiting information on an insurance company report related to the drawdown using the siphon pipes.

Old Business:

Policy for Tree Removal : It was suggested at a previous meeting that we create a policy regarding trees that fall into the lake. The policy is meant to treat all property owners equally.

Draft Policy: In the event that MLIF receives grant funding that is designated for tree removal, the MLIF President will appoint a Board member to chair a committee that includes two other non-affected Board members and may include non-Board members. The committee members will act in the interest of improving the recreational use of the lake. Based on the grant funding amount available, the committee will provide a recommendation on which tree or brush should be removed from the lake and/or proactively trimmed or removed along the shoreline before they fall into the water. The recommendation will be presented to the full MLIF Board for vote and majority approval. In the event that time or money is available later in the funding cycle, the Board may repeat this process later in the year. If the MLIF Board choses to allocate funding from the annual operating funds for tree removal, the same approach as above will be utilized.

The motion to approve the policy passed.


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