President’s Report::

– The $6,000 community grant from the Town for FY18 was approved.
– Mack Reid of the Ridgefield Press interviewed me regarding the lake, treatments and our management company, Pond and Lake Connection (PLC).

Committee Reports:

Lake Management: The last algae treatment was June 18. We were supposed to have another last Friday, July 7, but it was raining too hard so PLC will do the treatment this week, maybe on Friday, July 14. We will let PLC know that we need a 48-hour notice, and suggest that they not treat the lake on Fridays as this hinders recreational use for 24 hours at a time when the lake is well used.

Spillway/Dam: The tarp at the dam was pulled up before the last treatment and lowered five days later. A dam inspection is expected this month.

New Business:

Lake Fountains: A watershed resident offered to assist with the cost of putting three fountains in the lake to aerate the water and reduce algae. The Board discussed the possibility of fountains. Issues mentioned were: fountains are meant for small ponds, not large lakes; the very large number of fountains needed to make any difference in a lake our size; getting electricity and pipes to the fountains; liability regarding boats and other recreation near the fountains.

Trees in Lake: It was suggested that we create a policy regarding trees that fall into the lake. Twice in the past, we have had grant money to remove fallen trees from the lake but do not normally have such funding available. This policy would outline how we chose to remove tees if we have grant money available so that all property owners are treated equally. Board members will write a policy with tree removal criteria based solely on community use and health of the lake.

Acreage of Lake: The question of lake acreage was raised. The Bay State report listed the lake size as 96 acres. The new State report used the figure of 85 acres. It was suggested aerial photos would make the lake look smaller because of trees and foliage that hang over the shore and also in-fill to the lake has occurred, such as the extreme sediment from the Third Lane stream site.


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