President’s Report:: Pond and Lake Connection (PLC) has requested that only one Board member be designated the liaison person with them.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: There were no new donations in the month of May. The spring fundraising mailing was sent in late May and included the new pamphlet “Seasonal Guide to Living near a Lake.”

Lake Management: PLC has been on the lake three times thus far. Photos of the water by the spillway will be taken by the Board five days after a herbicide treatment.

Spillway/Dam: A dam and spillway inspection will take place in July.

Egg Addling: Canada Goose nests on the two lake islands were addled. Two nests were missed on the western end of the lake. These goose families are frequently on homeowner lawns along Mamanasco Road.

Old Business:

Richardson Grant: In July of 2016, MLIF received a $10,000 grant from the Richardson Fund. The money was spent as specified in the application for two areas: the removal of dead and dying tree and brush removal as well as removal of the derelict dock floating around the lake, and a state of CT study of aquatic plant life in the lake.

Meeting Recap: Board members felt the meeting was successful and that Greg Bugbee’s report on the lake helped Board members and guests understand a variety of concepts about the lake.

New Business:

Eversource Grant: We applied and received a $450 grant from the Eversource company to produce an updated version of our lake pamphlet. The previous lake pamphlet was updated and 2,000 copies were ordered. The new pamphlets, entitled “Seasonal Guide to Living near a Lake,” were included in the recent fundraising letter.


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