President’s Report::

– It was noted that the Town’s $6,000 contribution to the lake is included in the Board of Selectmen’s budget.
– The town cleaned out the Mamanasco Road catch basins on May 2.
– A thank-you note was sent to Toni Boucher and to the State for the timely issuance of our treatment permits in mid-April.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: We will include the new “Seasonal Guide to Living Near a Lake” pamphlet with the next fundraising letter.

Lake Management:
* Pond and Lake Connection (PLC) treated the lake on April 18 for aquatic weeds.
* On May 3, PLC spot treated the lake for aquatic weeds and for algae.
* PLC will be doing a post-treatment survey on or about May 8.
* The next treatment will be the week before Memorial Day.
* We will discuss with PLC adequate notice and signage posting before the treatments.

Spillway: The lake was drawn down in April before the April 18 treatment. It took a while to get the lake drawn down and it was about 5” below the spillway before the treatment.

The siphon pipes have been camouflaged with patterned outdoor contact paper so the blend into the environment.

Egg Addling: There were two nests found on Rock Island with goose eggs which were addled.

Old Business:

Grant: The 2016 Richardson Grant application included the State lake survey and a project to remove dead and dying trees in the lake. Remaining funds will be used in the next weeks to continue the removal of dying trees. Bartlett Tree company is doing the work.

Meeting Recap: Board members felt the meeting was successful and that Greg Bugbee’s report on the lake helped Board members and guests understand a variety of concepts about the lake.

New Business:

Eversource Grant: MLIF has applied for a grant from Eversource for $450 to update and print 2000 copies of the MLIF brochure, “A Seasonal Guide to Living Near a Lake.”


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